Category: Sports stadia and arenas

Stand out from the crowd with resin flooring solutions for Leisure & Holiday Parks

Providing a tailored finish to suit an array of environments, resin flooring solutions can often be the ideal solution for leisure and holiday parks. With a vast number of areas, all requiring specific features, RESYN can offer a tailored resin flooring solution to match the majority of your project or area requirements. With durability and […]

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Our goal is to improve your safety with anti slip flooring

With high levels of footfall on match days it is imperative that sports clubs maintain strict health and safety standards to protect spectators by preventing slips and trips through the use of anti slip flooring. A resin floor can provide the ultimate resolution by offering an extremely durable, slip resistant floor finish. With internal and […]

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Creating a seamless finish between your floor and wall

What do you do when you need a practical and aesthetic floor without gaps or joints between your floor and wall..? You use a seamless floor. A seamless floor is a floor without ridges, joints or seams between it and the wall, it means there are no edges or spots for water, dirt or germs […]

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