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Email: Call: +44 (0) 1778 343670

Stadium and Arena Resin Flooring

Spectator safety is paramount particularly on external surfaces where inclement weather conditions can cause devastating incidents.

Resin flooring for sports venues at Leicester City FC

Choosing the right type of stadia and arena flooring for sports venues

When choosing a suitable flooring for sports venues it is essential to consider the system’s durability and resistance to weathering and the floor’s slip resistance under wet conditions.

With a proven record of working in sports stadia, we have the experience and the competence to specify and install the ideal flooring for sports venues both internal and external.

With our flexible range of colour variations, it is possible to produce a safe environment, whilst helping to complement the club’s image for areas such as concourses, stairways, changing rooms, bar and hospitality suites. Our resins are suitable for external installations and will not discolour over time.

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We offer flooring for sports venues and arenas that provide:

  • Exceptional durability
  • Quick curing underlay screeds and floors that can cure fully within just 2 hours of installation
  • Decorative finishes
  • Seamless finishes to create an impervious finish and reduce weakspots
  • Exceptional bond to the substrate
  • UV Stability
  • Car park solutions

How we work

Upon consultation and further understanding of your requirements we will recommend a solution to fit your project guidelines and budget requirements.