resin flooring solutions Stand out from the crowd with resin flooring solutions for Leisure and Holiday Parks

Stand out from the crowd with resin flooring solutions for Leisure & Holiday Parks

Providing a tailored finish to suit an array of environments, resin flooring solutions can often be the ideal solution for leisure and holiday parks. With a vast number of areas, all requiring specific features, RESYN can offer a tailored resin flooring solution to match the majority of your project or area requirements. With durability and longevity as a standard we can deliver highly bespoke, decorative, slip-resistant floor finishes for both internal and external areas.

For internal areas, our decorative resin flooring solutions provide an excellent alternative to more traditional finishes such as vinyl sheet and tiled surfaces. A resin flooring solution installed by RESYN will create a seamless, monolithic finish that remains extremely hardwearing for many years. This seamless characteristic provides a more attractive surface appearance and reduces the risk of failure by removing weak points that are often found with grouted joints or seams. Our resin flooring solutions have an exceptional bond to most substrates, maximising the longevity of the floor and reducing maintenance costs.

For wet areas, such as splash parks, swimming pool surrounds, changing rooms, welfare facilities and food preparation areas, we have systems that offer excellent slip resistance, even when wet, to ensure your visitors remain safe at all times.

Within both internal and external areas, we can create demarked zones or designated routes to visually enhance the aesthetics and to help provide clarity for visitors and guests. Where time is critical, we have fast curing systems that are fully cured within just 2 hours of installation. Degafloor’s fast curing MMA resin systems can be fully trafficked within just two hours of installation.

RESYN have many years of experience, recommending and installing high-quality, bespoke resin flooring solutions that have been specifically designed to match your requirements. With customer service at the forefront of our installations, we work in conjunction with our clients to create functional, aesthetic solutions that are installed with a seamless delivery to minimise disruption to your operations.

With vast experience in the installation of resin flooring systems for the Hospitality and Leisure industry, we can recommend and install flooring solutions (not just anti slip flooring) that are designed to meet your exact requirements and keep you on track for safety.

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