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Floor Screeds and Screeding Services

Floor Screed contractors

Creating a stable base for your resin flooring

A floor screed is a layer of material laid directly onto the base floor to carry the final flooring. The application is vital to the final product, adding to the overall finish and durability of the floor.

A solution to adjust floor levels

Many clients require our experienced floor layers to use underlay screeds to build up levels or create falls, often for drainage. To guarantee the longevity of the flooring, the underlay screed must be compatible with the resin flooring system – our teams will assist with the correct specification.

The subfloor must have the required compressive strength and moisture content per the resin suppliers’ recommendation. We always recommend testing the screed for compatibility with the resin flooring system.

Ensuring compatibility with the resin flooring

With floor screed, you must follow the supplier’s application methods. Any variations may cause problems with the bond to the resin flooring system.  We install the floor screed as part of our flooring package to solve this issue.

RESYN offer a range of cementitious floor screeds, resin floor screeds and concrete repair products depending on the project requirements.

Contact our team for a list of approved and tested products or further information.