Our Commitment

RESYN regard environmental issues as a priority and recognises that our business and day-to-day operations have an environmental impact. In line with this, the company is committed to continuous improvement to maximise sustainability and minimise carbon footprint where possible. We regularly review how flooring installation impacts the environment and work hard to minimise any disruption our work may produce.

To enhance our ongoing commitment to the environment, RESYN works towards an Environmental Management System which is assessed annually to review our flooring installation impact.


Environmental Policy

To help with our flooring installation impact, we continuously review our suppliers and what materials we use.

  • All our major suppliers have publicly committed to reducing their carbon emissions.
  • All Degafloor products are totally inert and may be used in crushed form as hardcore or processed as non-hazardous waste.
  • All Degafloor resins are solvent free, nontoxic and contain no physiologically harmful substances, such as isocyanates or bisphenol A.

To find out more, please speak to our team.