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Creating a seamless finish between your floor and wall

What do you do when you need a practical and aesthetic floor without gaps or joints between your floor and wall..? You use a seamless floor. A seamless floor is a floor without ridges, joints or seams between it and the wall, it means there are no edges or spots for water, dirt or germs […]

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Wet floors can be dangerous & costly

Most flooring suppliers can supply a slip test rating on their floors however these results are often just tested in dry conditions. All floors should provide good slip resistance in dry conditions and therefore it is easy for suppliers to provide acceptable results. What most people don’t take into account when deciding what floor to have […]

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Video – See How Quick & Efficient Our Floors Are Laid – Installation COOP

This video shows the resin flooring installation speed for a local retail environment. Audio Transcription This is one of the many installations we do, with the Co-Op in Lincolnshire. Yesterday the existing concrete slab was repaired by our shock blaster to create a key and remove any surface contamination. It is essential to remove any […]

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