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Video – See How Quick & Efficient Our Floors Are Laid – Installation COOP

This video shows the resin flooring installation speed for a local retail environment.

Audio Transcription

This is one of the many installations we do, with the Co-Op in Lincolnshire. Yesterday the existing concrete slab was repaired by our shock blaster to create a key and remove any surface contamination.

It is essential to remove any excess dust from the concrete slab, in the way of sweeping and vacuum.

Once the sweeping and vacuum process is out of the way the floor is now ready to be primed, operatives mix the resins and the curing agents ready to prime the floor. The primer is applied by brush and roller. But alternatively can be applied with a squeagy.

If adequately primed, the floor will have a glaze on it. Once the primer has gone off, we will be addressing the joints. Flexible joining compound is inserted inside the joints and leveled about to define the degree of movement.

The body coat resins are thoroughly mixed with the aggregate powder, this thickens the mixture and also provides durability. Then pigment is added, which gives the resin it’s colour.

The body coat mixture is poured onto the floor and using a pin rake is leveled out to the desired thickness we then use a spike roller to remove any air from the resin, which could potentially cause pinhole marks.

Once leveled the floor is fully scattered with Decker Floor Flakes, chosen by the client. Once that is cured, the flakes are lightly sanded to remove any rough edges. Once that is done, the floor is swept and vacuumed to remove any excess flake and dust ready for the floor to be sealed.

Sealing is the final process, and the seal is mixed with the curing agents and the first coat of seal is applied with a brush and a roller. Once the first seal coat is fully cured, the floor is slightly sanded and once again any excess is swept away.

The second and final coat of seal is applied and within the hour the floor will be fully cured and ready for you.

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