Kilworth House kitchen facilities upgrade project by RESYN

Kitchen facilities upgrade to luxurious and elegant 4-star Hotel, Kilworth House

Kilworth House is an elegant 4-star hotel based in the Leicestershire countryside which recently undertook kitchen facilities upgrade with the help of RESYN. The hotel which is set in an expansive 38 acres of private land offers a mix of fine dining and luxurious accommodation with its very own outdoor theatre. Following a busy Christmas and New Year the hotel made the decision to close and as part of their continual investment in the hotel, took the opportunity to replace their kitchen floor as part of the kitchen facilities upgrade project.

A resin floor had been installed within the kitchen many years ago and had lost its slip resistance. To improve the safety for their employees the hotel maintenance team applied a non-slip epoxy coating over the top however this had started to flake off. RESYN, ground off the epoxy coating back to the original resin and removed all damaged areas, which were then infilled with Degafloor Deep Fill, a quick-curing repair mortar. The Degafloor FB System was installed over the top of the existing resin. Due to the product’s unique curing characteristics, the MMA flooring system chemically bonds to the existing resin floor to provide an exceptionally hardwearing finish.

Degafloor’s fast-curing MMA resin flooring systems are fully cured within just two hours of installation, making them ideally suited to refurbishments where closure periods are limited. Although the hotel had taken the decision to close throughout the kitchen facilities upgrade project, it was crucial that the closure was kept to a minimum to enable the hotel to open again to its customers as quickly as possible.

The Degafloor FB System, recommended and installed on the project, is broadcast with aggregates, and sealed to provide a hygienic, slip-resistant floor. The system ensures that all regulatory standards for a commercial kitchen are maintained.

RESYN have vast experience within the hotel industry, undertaking commercial kitchen flooring installations. As a result, the company are aware of how sensitive these projects can be and understand the importance of completing work with minimal disruption. The hotel team were impressed with the service provided and was grateful to the team who managed to finish ahead of schedule. The installation was completed over back-to-back shifts to minimise the closure.

Mark Warrilow, Maintenance Manager, comments, “We were extremely impressed with the service RESYN provided from start to finish. They provided very competent advice on our initial visit which gave us the confidence they could complete the installation quickly and efficiently. They surpassed our expectations and even finished ahead of schedule. They provided us with a cleaning kit and cleaning support following the installation to help our team maintain the new floor finish, which has been very valuable.”

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