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School Resin Flooring

Floor design is an integral part in any new build or refurbishment project. It can be used to transform dull rooms into stimulating surroundings. Resin flooring provides outstanding flexibility in terms of design; bespoke floor finishes can be created with colour combinations and patterns tailored to suit requirements. 

School resin flooring for Arthur Mellows - Reception

How to choose the right type of flooring for Education

Flooring for education needs to be hardwearing, easy to maintain and visually attractive. It must be hygienic and durable enough to withstand the test of time without frequent repair.

Resin systems provide a sustainable solution by offering superior durability. This translates into greater longevity, resulting in lower maintenance costs. Therefore, resin finishes have become a popular flooring option for schools and other educational establishments.

There has never been a more important time to ensure your school offers the best protection it can. Whilst a floor might not be seen as important, the correct floor combined with an effective cleaning regime can help to support a more hygienic and safe environment.

A resin flooring solution provides a seamless and impermeable finish that can be quickly and efficiently cleaned and maintained to prevent the build-up of bacteria. With no welded joints or seams and a secure bond to the substrate, there is also much less risk of failure. This not only helps to assist with hygiene issues but also against trips from damaged edges,

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We offer a range of resin flooring systems that can be tailored to suit the environment and our experienced advisors can offer expert guidance based on practical experience.

We offer school flooring products that provide:

  • Exceptional durability
  • Bespoke designs
  • Tailored slip resistance
  • Seamless finishes to create an impervious finish for excellent hygiene and ease of maintenance
  • Exceptional bond to the substrate, reducing costly ongoing repairs

How we work

Schools and other educational establishments have an array of different flooring requirements. Our technical advisors will discuss the most suitable options available to you. Following a consultation we will recommend a school flooring solution that is best suited to the environment and can assist in colour-matching any design schemes.