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Email: Call: +44 (0) 1778 343670

Public Sector Resin Flooring

Public Sector facilities usually have very short refurbishment timeframes and are monitored by strict budgets. Health and Safety is paramount and finding a public sector resin flooring finish that is durable under heavy operating conditions is crucial.

long_eaton_fire_station_16-slip-resistant floor finish

How to choose the right type of public sector resin flooring and emergency service flooring

Understanding the operating processes of the facility, combined with refurbishment timescales and budgets will help to indicate what public sector resin flooring solution is most suitable.

We offer a range of durable public sector resin flooring solutions that can be suited to most budgets but many of our customers benefit from the fast-curing MMA resin flooring products that we install due to limited timeframes. Within just two hours of installation, the floor can be fully trafficked and put back to its intended use.

Safety is often at the forefront of projects and we offer a range of slip resistance products to ensure employee welfare is maintained even under wet conditions.

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We offer public sector resin flooring and emergency service flooring products that provide:

  • Exceptional durability
  • Quick curing underlay screeds and floors that can cure fully within just 2 hours of installation
  • Excellent slip resistance
  • Seamless finishes to create an impervious finish and reduce weakspots
  • Exceptional bond to the substrate
  • Internal and external finishes
  • Car park solutions

How we work

The resin flooring solutions we provide are widely used within the public service sector and we have developed good working relationships with many different organisations.

Our experience and understanding of this sector enable us to provide durable flooring solutions with minimal disruption. The resin products we install can be used in a diverse range of applications and our experienced operatives can incorporate area-marking solutions to help aid direction where required.

We work to a flexible programme and can install at hours suited to you. We are aware of the restrictions that are often applied to public service buildings and have the flexibility to react to unforeseen circumstances when required.

Public sector framework

RESYN has now been named as a supplier on NHS London Procurement Partnership’s, Minor Works and Maintenance Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) agreement.