Protecting the safety of patients and staff within mental health facilities should start from the ground up with a hygienic resin flooring.

Secure hygienic resin flooring solutions for Mental Health facilities

Patients who require mental health treatment quite often need to be secured in a facility that is designed to protect and limit the possibility of self-harm or injury to others. Most traditional flooring systems typically have either grouted joints or seams that can be easily tampered with, often making them unsuitable for mental health facilities. At RESYN, we have experience installing hygienic resin flooring that considers the full lifespan and the requirements of the project based on how and where the flooring is going to be installed; it’s what sets us apart from other flooring installers.

In the past, tiled and vinyl floor finishes were popular but can often delaminate or become broken and damaged. This could have unfortunately provided the patient with the opportunity to remove the floor finish and use the damaged item to inflict injury. The type of hygienic resin flooring we install doesn’t allow this to happen.

Protecting the well-being of patients and staff is the most fundamental design element for treatment facilities, and it is always important to also consider the needs of the patient who should be given a safe and secure setting in which to complete their treatment.

Glebelands housing with bed and flooring. Secure hygienic resin flooring solutions for Mental Health facilities

A hygienic resin flooring solution can offer a practical and secure flooring system. The hygienic resin flooring systems we provide and install have a chemical bond to most substrates. This bond, combined with the seamless nature of a resin floor ensures that the risk of delamination or failure is largely diminished. With no seams or joints, weak spots are greatly reduced, meaning the floor cannot be penetrated and damaged, making them tamper-proof.

Once installed and cured a monolithic and impervious surface is produced to provide a more hygienic solution. Liquids cannot penetrate the surface, making the floor easier to clean and maintain. They are also incredibly hardwearing to provide a long-lasting alternative.

With many mental health facilities already fully occupied, the time to complete refurbishment projects can be limited. Specialising in fast-curing resin solutions, we can install and complete flooring projects with minimal disruption. With products that are fully cured within just two hours of installation, the area can be put back to full use shortly after.

Some of the other sectors we work in include refurbishment projects, turnkey solutions and new build developments.

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