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Resin Commercial Kitchen Flooring- Timelapse Video

A recent typical resin commercial kitchen flooring refurbishment and installation project was completed by RESYN. It includes the removal and storage of all kitchen equipment, removal/repair of the subfloor, followed by the installation of an MMA resin flooring system. The kitchen featured within this video had a vinyl floor laid on top of the existing tiles. Once all the kitchen equipment had been removed from the area, RESYN removed the vinyl floor along with all associated latex and adhesives back to the original tiles to complete the resin commercial kitchen flooring installation job.

The Degafloor MMA resins that are most frequently used within these refurbishments, due to their 2-hour curing time, have an excellent bond to tiled finishes. There was a section of the floor where the tiles had been damaged and debonded. These were removed and infilled with a fast-curing repair mortar to ensure there were no delays to the programme. Following preparation, a scrape coat, with promesh embedded, was installed. The Degafloor FB system was then applied as the final finish. The system is ideally suited for a commercial kitchen floor refurbishment as it is fully cured within just two hours of installation. The system is hardwearing and offers excellent slip resistance, even in wet conditions. The finish is seamless and impervious, reducing ongoing maintenance costs that are frequently associated with vinyl sheets and tiles. With no joints or seams, the floor also provides a more hygienic solution.

Upon completion, the kitchen equipment was reinstated and handed back to the client. The total installation, including kitchen removal and reinstatement, took 60 hours, after which the client could resume full service.

Alex Forrester, Technical Sales Executive comments, “RESYN undertake commercial kitchen floor refurbishments on a weekly basis and has done for many years. Having had extensive experience in this sector, we have been able to solve many different problems and still with only minor disruption to trading hours. We offer a full package solution, based around a fast turnaround as we understand that time is crucial in any refurbishment project. We appreciate that we are more expensive than most traditional finishes on a first-fit cost basis, but all of our customers now agree that they have a superior floor finish with greatly reduced maintenance costs.”

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