Our goal is to improve your safety with anti slip flooring

Our goal is to improve your safety with anti slip flooring

With high levels of footfall on match days it is imperative that sports clubs maintain strict health and safety standards to protect spectators by preventing slips and trips through the use of anti slip flooring. A resin floor can provide the ultimate resolution by offering an extremely durable, slip resistant floor finish.

With internal and external resin anti-slip flooring systems available we can provide the answer to match all your requirements.

The systems we install create an exceptional bond to most substrates and are designed to last, even under heavy wear. Once installed and fully cured, a seamless and impervious finish is formed with no water being able to penetrate through the system, increasing longevity and reducing costly maintenance works.

With safety being a fundamental requirement, particularly for concourses and stairways that are
often exposed to the elements, we can offer anti slip flooring systems that provide excellent levels of slip resistance.

By broadcasting aggregates onto the surface of the resin, we can generate an anti slip flooring finish that remains above the recommended industry guidelines, even under wet conditions.

Within both internal and external areas, we can create demarked zones or designated routes to provide clarity for fans and spectators. The range of MMA systems we provide are UV resistant and will not discolour over time allowing you to maintain vibrant coloured areas. Our aftercare support team can also assist in advising on the best aftercare and maintenance for your floor to maximise its longevity.

With vast experience in the installation of resin flooring systems for the Sport and Leisure industry,
we can recommend and install flooring solutions (not just anti slip flooring) that are designed to meet your exact requirements and keep you on track for safety.

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