MMA resin floors and odour management

MMA resin floors and odour management

MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) resin floors are well known for their rapid installation and fast curing ability, allowing projects to be completed within very short timescales. The systems are FULLY cured within just two hours of completion, meaning businesses can resume normal operations shortly after installation. MMA resin floors are extremely popular for companies where shutdown windows are limited.

MMA resins do have a distinctive odour, which is present during the installation and curing process, and some people can find this unpleasant. Once the floor is fully cured this odour will quickly dissipate.

The odour produced from MMA resins is noticeable at very low air concentration levels (odour threshold is less than 1 part per million – MMA to air). Concentration levels are measured in PPM (parts per million) and should be recorded throughout the installation to ensure levels are within the recommended exposure limits.

MMA resins are completely solvent-free and are often used in dentistry and medical procedures. It is, however, always advisable to follow suitable extraction management and air monitoring to ensure that all health and safety regulations are maintained.

RESYN are experienced in identifying and undertaking the most suitable extraction techniques on projects to limit the disruption to people within the vicinity or neighbouring premises. We regularly monitor and document the airflow to ensure, recommended levels are not exceeded.

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