education with resin floors

Creating a brighter future for education with resin floors

With educational establishments being urged to consider more sustainable building solutions for their premises, it is important to consider floor finishes that can offer enhanced longevity. More traditional finishes such as carpet and vinyl are often used in educational settings due to the lower cost at the initial first fit. However, they can often require maintenance and repair. Welded joints and seams can frequently fail and cause the floor to lift, increasing the likelihood of a trip hazard.

Resin flooring solutions provide excellent durability within high footfall environments, reducing costly maintenance repairs and potential trip hazards. A resin floor creates a secure bond to the substrate and combined with its seamless characteristic, reduces the risk of failure. The need for maintenance and repair is considerably reduced compared to more traditional finishes. Due to this unique bonding ability, a resin floor can be easily refurbished without removing the existing, saving time and money.

Creating a brighter future for education with resin floors there are a variety of settings within the education sector, and inevitably, these do have varying requirements. The environment, along with its intended use, will determine the suitability of a product. Resin flooring offers a highly flexible solution in terms of colour, design, and surface texture, making it ideal for a vast number of areas. For areas that require a higher degree of slip resistance, there are systems designed to exceed the slip values recommended by the HSE guidelines.

Educational establishments often want to create a stimulating learning environment. A resin flooring solution can be installed in a variety of eye-catching colours and designs to help establish the required atmosphere for the area.

The systems are seamless and completely impervious, leaving a monolithic finish which helps offer enhanced hygiene and makes cleaning easier.

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