resin floor solutions and ribong a forklift truck over it 2 hours later

Video of resin floor solutions– the proof you really can drive a forklift truck over our floors within 2 hours!

When considering resin floor solutions, the time it takes to dry following installation is a big concern for many of the people who submit enquiries to us, and we can understand their concerns.

Time is money for many of our clients and they need something to perform the job in the long run, but can also be installed quickly. It could be that you work in a busy restaurant or kitchen and need access to the environment to fulfil orders, or you’re in a manufacturing environment and need to get the team back to production ASAP. The team at RESYN understand this and will work with you to provide a detailed step-by-step plan so you know what will happen during the installation and how to manage your resin flooring solution after we’ve left.

Our team work quickly and cleanly with many jobs being completed in a matter of hours or overnight. This turnaround time for resin floor solutions surprises most people. With that in mind, we want to demonstrate just how sure we are of our work and the resin floor solutions we provide, after all, you can drive a forklift truck over fresh laid resin floor solutions just 2 hours after it’s been laid.

People still don’t believe us when we tell them that after 2 hours of installation, our MMA floors are fully cured and ready for full use. The RESYN team are experienced in resin flooring design installations and has undergone rigorous training to a meticulous standard and follows a continual professional development programme. We ensure that all operatives and subcontractors working on behalf of RESYN have completed our flooring installation training courses relevant to each product the company supplies and installs and conform to CSCS standards.

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