RESYN - Hellesdon Hospital for hygienic flooring

Seamlessly hygienic flooring solutions

Maintaining a sterile and hygienic flooring environment can often be hard to achieve. Unlike vinyl or tiled finishes, a resin hygienic flooring system is seamless and therefore offers a more sanitary solution. Floor finishes that have grouted joints or welded seams can often become hard to maintain and keep clean which increases the risk of bacteria. Our seamless hygienic flooring solutions combined with the correct cleaning and maintenance regime can reduce these risks and provide longer-lasting floors.

When patients put their trust in a healthcare provider, they do so knowing the area will be safe, hygienic and sterile.

Benefits include:

Seamless floors
Hygienic/sanitary and easy to maintain

Outstanding bonding technology
Longer lasting floors and reduced maintenance

Impervious finish
Liquids/chemicals cannot penetrate the surface and affect the subfloor

Exceptional chemical resistance
Ideal for use in busy production areas or controlled clean rooms

2 hour cure time
Minimal downtime and disruption

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