Hardwearing flooring packages supplied and installed by RESYN- emergency surfaces flooring. Hardwearing flooring packages supplied and installed by RESYN

Ultrafast, hardwearing flooring packages for the emergency services

The emergency services are under increasing pressure and finding time to undertake refurbishment projects can be limited. At RESYN, we offer exceptionally hardwearing, slip-resistant flooring solutions that are cured fully within just 2 hours of installation.

As with all RESYN installations, our dedicated team works to strict health and safety standards to prioritise the safety of our team, the area we work in and our customers.

With extensive experience working for emergency services, we understand the time constraints that many services face when refurbishments are required. Security concerns around leaving the appliances out of the bays for long periods of time often make the renovation much more complex.

Specialising in fast-curing MMA resin solutions, RESYN can complete flooring installations with minimal disruption. Within just 2 hours of installation, the resin floor is fully cured, after which time the appliances can be parked back into the bays.

As part of our flooring package, we can also offer substrate repairs, removal and reinstatement using fast-curing repair mortars and screed to help minimise any downtime.

With safety at the forefront of our installations, we frequently recommend and install the Degafloor FB and QTA systems both of which offer exceptional slip resistance, even under wet conditions. These systems offer excellent durability, which is required for areas where heavy appliances are stored.

Our experience and understanding of this sector enable us to provide tailored flooring packages that are suited to your requirements, in line with budgets and flexible programming.

For further information or to discuss a project, contact us on 01778 343670 or watch our cleaning demonstration Flooring Aftercare– how to maintain your resin flooring or our other videos on our YouTube channel.