Considering a versatile flooring solution - take a look at resin for an extremely robust floor that will last time and be easier to maintain.

Versatile flooring solutions for manufacturing facilities

RESYN recognise that manufacturing facilities have a diverse range of environments and choosing the correct floor to suit the operational requirements of the
environment is crucial.

With extensive experience in the industrial sector, we can confidently recommend and install the appropriate flooring solution to match the surrounding environment.

From high levels of footfall, heavy equipment and exposure to chemical attacks finding a suitable solution can be challenging.

Resin solutions provide extremely versatile flooring solutions in terms of the finish they can provide. They range from basic floor coatings to heavy-duty screeds and can be tailored in terms of thickness and slip resistance. Where slip resistance is required the systems we install offer excellent slip ratings,
even under most production conditions.

The seamless and impervious nature of a resin flooring system, combined with a chemical bond to the substrate creates a versatile flooring solution that is an extremely robust flooring solution that is designed to last, reducing the need for repair and making them easier to maintain.

Available in a range of colours they can be used to demark areas and walkways to help identify different processing areas or designated walkways.

During our consultations we thoroughly evaluate the environmental conditions in conjunction with the operational processes involved and alongside considerations of budgets and time restrictions we can propose the most suitable solution.

Alongside resin flooring, we can also assist with drainage, bunding, kerbing and car park solutions.

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