Floors for retailers installed with minimal disruption

Striking, seamless and impervious floors for retailers, installed with minimal disruption

There are many benefits that a resin flooring can provide to the retail sector including, longevity, aesthetics and minimal disruption.

Typically installed as a seamless floor they offer a visually attractive finish that can be created to match existing vinyl or tiled finishes or designed to create a unique colour blend.

More traditional finishes, such as vinyl and tiles are most likely to fail at grouted joints and seams and are often in need of repair. A resin solution that is seamless has reduced weak spots and offers a low-maintenance solution.

We recommend and install the Degafloor range of systems most frequently within the retail sector due to its incredibly fast curing time. The floor is fully cured within just 2 hours of installation and as specialists in applying fast-curing resin flooring solutions, we can complete projects within extremely short shutdown periods to minimise any disruption to trading hours.

We have extensive experience within the retail sector and regularly complete resin flooring installations within a 24-48 hour window.

The Degafloor range of resins also produce an exceptionally strong bond to most substrates, to provide a long-lasting floor that reduces risk of failure.

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