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Preventing slips

Preventing slips is paramount in protecting your employees. Many factors can help to reduce slips in your workplace.

Choose the correct floor finish:

Ensuring your floor finish is suitable for the operating environment is imperative when looking to reduce the risk of slips. Companies often choose a floor that offers a good slip resistance rating in dry conditions without considering the impact of this rating under operating conditions.

If the floor is likely to get wet or receive frequent spills, the floor finish should be assessed by considering this. Asking your flooring provider for the slip resistance rating under wet conditions could help protect you and your employees against slips.

Most floors within dry conditions will offer acceptable levels of slip resistance, however, many smooth floor finishes are likely to fail under wet conditions. At RESYN, we always assess floors under operating conditions and not ‘perfect conditions’ before recommending or installing a floor finish. We offer systems that are textured making them ideal for preventing slips, even in wet conditions.

We are also very aware that a textured floor finish comes with the concerns of ‘cleanability.’ This leads us to our next point.

Adapting your cleaning regime:

Ensuring your cleaning regime is adequate in removing all contaminants and grease from the floor is essential for preventing slips. Many people believe that mopping a floor is a good cleaning practice however this regime doesn’t tend to remove the contaminants or grease and simply smears them around.

In conjunction with a good cleaning product, the floor should be scrubbed and rinsed with the dirty, contaminated water being removed.

RESYN offer cleaning solutions that are ideally suited to the floor finish we install. We also provide excellent aftercare support to help you maintain safety standards and prolong the life of your floor.

For further information on our products or advice on cleaning please contact us at +44 (0) 1778 343670 or watch our cleaning demonstration Flooring Aftercare – how to maintain your resin flooring or our other videos on our YouTube channel.

As with all RESYN installations, our dedicated team works to strict health and safety standards to prioritise the safety of our team, the area we work in and our customers.