The National Flooring Company are rebranding to RESYN

The National Flooring Company are rebranding to RESYN

The National Flooring Company has a 40-year heritage in delivering high-performance resin flooring systems. As a company, we have taken pride in our seamless, comprehensive and long-lasting approach that has enabled us to become a trusted provider to clients in almost every sector in which we have developed continuous partnerships.

It has always been our vision to develop and strengthen long-lasting relationships with our customers. Through a deep knowledge of the products we provide and an understanding of our clients’ requirements, we have been able to expand our product range over the years from internal flooring services into car park surfacing, line and area marking.

Using the same high-performance resins, we have now included flat roofing to our repertoire and as a result we felt The National Flooring Company name no longer reflected the company’s identity and core mission to provide reliable, resin products / services for infrastructure and not just flooring.

As a result, we decided it was time to continue strengthening our position within the resin surfacing industry and update our corporate branding. The launch of our new brand ‘RESYN’ will take effect from the 27th November 2023.

We will continue to provide the same top-quality products and professional seamless service but encompass a larger range of applications to enable us to provide seamless surfacing in flooring, car parking, line marking and flat roofing.

We understand the impact that rebranding can have on customers and as such whilst we have taken the decision to trade under a different name and brand will still be registered as The National Flooring Company for a period of time. We hope this will provide our customers with an easier transition.

We are excited about these changes along with our new image and hope that you understand the necessity for this change and that we can develop our products and services to you.

For further information or to discuss a project, please contact us on 01778 343670 or use our contact us form or take a look at our case studies to see examples or our YouTube channel.