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Email: Call: +44 (0) 1778 343670

Flat Roofing

Flat roofing installed by RESYN on Crusader House Roof

RESYN can now supply and install robust, long-lasting roofing solutions for new and existing flat roofs. Working with Degaflex material and kit, we can install extremely hardwearing, reliable roofing solutions that can be used as part of a refurbishment or on new build projects.


Developed using high-performance Methyl Methacrylate resins (MMA), Degaflex provides a high-quality, waterproof roofing solution. Offering the same distinctive benefits that the Degafloor resin flat roofing and flooring solutions provide. Degaflex is fully cured within just 2 hours of installation and offers exceptional resistance to both physical and chemical attacks.

Once applied the resins create a seamless and impervious surface to produce a fully waterproof flat roofing system which is fire-resistant to BS 476 Part 3 EXT.F.AB standards.


The Degaflex system is typically installed on OSB3 or OSB3 T&G boards but can also be applied to a variety of other substrates, including PVC, mineral felt, cement and metal.

Already proven with the Degafloor resin flooring solutions, a unique feature of the MMA resins is the outstanding bond it creates with the substrate, helping to deliver remarkable longevity. As a result, Degaflex is installed with a 25-year warranty.

Already well-established in the application of MMA resin solutions, RESYN is proud to offer new and existing clients the opportunity to benefit from high-performance, quality flat roofing solutions as well as flooring.

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