Hardwearing flooring packages supplied and installed by RESYN- emergency surfaces flooring. Hardwearing flooring packages supplied and installed by RESYN

Ultrafast, hardwearing flooring packages for the emergency services

Resin flooring is becoming increasingly popular as a solution to Emergency Services Flooring requirements. Having developed long-term relationships with a multitude of regional service providers it has been proven in terms of quality, service, and product appearance. The emergency services flooring systems we work with are designed to offer excellent slip resistance, even under wet conditions, are ideal for fast paced, heavy duty environments.

With fast-curing resin flooring options available, RESYN can refurbish premises with minimal disruption and downtime. MMA resin floors are fully cured within just two hours of installation, allowing the appliances to be safely stored back in the premises overnight.

Resin floors offer exceptional durability and can help to deliver a more sustainable solution when compared to more traditional systems. With a strong bond to the substrate and a seamless, monolithic finish, the need for costly maintenance repairs is greatly reduced.

To offer clearer visibility and to aid with the parking of the appliances, many services request the demarcation of bays and brake boxes. RESYN can assist by providing vibrant, distinctive markings within the floor. All demarcation is undertaken using the same resins to ensure that they do not wear away.

We recognise that due to the heavy-duty environment there is often a requirement for substrate repair. RESYN can encompass an array of preparatory works, prior to the application of a resin floor, including, small substrate repairs to full screeding. When combining these works within the package RESYN can offer comprehensive warranties with no split responsibility.

Many regional service providers are now converting to resin flooring solutions for a longer-lasting, more robust floor finish. For further information or to discuss a project, please contact us on 01778 343670 or use our contact us form or take a look at our case studies to see examples or our YouTube channel.

Providing a solution to the emergency services flooring requirements and line marking by RESYN