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Resin floors that are down fast but designed to last

RESYN often talk about first fit cost over life cycle cost and urges customers to consider the longevity of their floors. The life expectancy of any floor is determined by several factors including, floor type, environment, and maintenance.

Choosing the correct floor to suit the operational requirements of the environment is crucial. Resin floors offer exceptional durability in a wide range of applications and environments. The seamless and impervious nature of the systems, combined with a chemical bond to the substrate creates an extremely robust flooring solution that is designed to last, reducing the need for repair.

Many companies often choose a floor based on a first fit cost due to budgetary constraints but don’t consider the costs involved with continual maintenance and repair. Many flooring types that have welded joints or seams often require maintenance and the costs associated with these continual repairs can become costly over time. Undertaking these repairs can also disrupt operations making them extremely inconvenient to complete.

Although resin flooring offers a hardwearing solution to many environments, cleaning and maintenance of the floor is key to increasing the longevity of a floor. RESYN can offer advice and assistance with cleaning solutions.

As proof that resin flooring really does provide an exceptionally hardwearing solution, we have presented some images showing the floor when it was originally installed within a kitchen back in 2017 alongside some photos that were taken recently in 2023.

The client, who has an excellent maintenance regime, is maximising the potential of their resin floor. With barely any significant signs of wear, the floor remains in a similar condition to how it was installed five years ago.


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