Red New resin kitchen floor with a tight deadline and back-to-back shifts

Glowing praise from hotel staff on long awaited new resin kitchen floor

RESYN returned from the Christmas break to a glowing testimonial from a long-standing client within the hotel industry. The hotel had been patching its kitchen floor over the years to maintain standards. It was finally given the go-ahead to refurbish the kitchen completely including a new resin kitchen floor.

The existing floor, which was a mix of MMA and Polyurethane resins combined with vinyl tiles needed refreshing to give continuity and one overall standard.

Due to the operational processes within the hotel, the management team had found refurbishing the large kitchen area challenging. It was however decided that the kitchen needed one type of flooring throughout and subsequently the hotel needed to close to enable this new resin kitchen floor installation to happen. Before commencement, the shutdown period changed, and RESYN was required to amend the installation programme.

Working back-to-back shifts, the teams completed the new resin kitchen floor installation over four nights. The area totalled 210m2 and consisted of several rooms branching off from the main kitchen. RESYN undertook all preparatory works for the existing resin finishes and the removal of the vinyl finishes.

A proportion of the existing polyurethane floor had debonded and needed to be broken out. This was reinstated by infilling the area with Degafloor Deep Fill repair mortar. The product, which is also a quick curing-based resin, allows the installation to remain on track with no lengthy curing delays.

The Degafloor FB system was installed throughout the kitchen providing an extremely hardwearing, slip-resistant finish. A small section of Hardwood marine Ply was required before the installation of the Degafloor QTA system in the corridor. The Degafloor QTA system is similar in appearance to the Degafloor FB system and offers the same characteristics but is trowel applied to allow a ramped finish.

The Head of Facilities for the hotel was exceptionally pleased with the new resin kitchen floor work and the overall finish commenting, “The kitchen floor looks great, please thank the RESYN team for their hard work and the ability to work around our kitchen and Maintenance teams. Appreciate that the 2-night break thrown in for fun was a challenge, but they all worked around it and delivered on the deadline. I’ve caught up with the kitchen team this morning who are delighted with the new flooring it’s a real lift of morale as they go into the busiest break of the year, and we finally have a seamless kitchen floor not a patch in sight!! I’m not sure that we have ever managed an entire kitchen floor lay in all the 25 years I’ve been here. So well done everyone! It was a real ‘One Great Team moment’.

As with all RESYN installations, our dedicated team works to strict health and safety standards to prioritise the safety of our team, the area we work in and our customers.

To discuss any projects (including new resin kitchen flooring projects) please contact us at 01778 343670 or take a look at our past works.

Tight deadline New resin kitchen floor


New resin kitchen floor by RESYN