bespoke Resin Flooring Contractor in large open flooring area. When you need reliable, efficient and safe resin flooring contractors, RESYN should be top of your list providing seamless surfacing soltuons

Resin Flooring Contractors for the Construction and Refurbishment Industry

We’re proud to announce that we were recently brought on board as the chosen resin flooring contractor (providing a longstanding flooring solution) to a client of the construction and refurbishment company- Probus Construction.

Probus Construction is based in Bourne, South Lincolnshire, primarily focusing on the areas of Cambridge, Peterborough, Stamford, Sleaford and surrounding villages. They have clients in the Food, Medical, Healthcare, Schools/Education, Commercial, Industrial/Warehouse Projects and Affordable Housing sectors.

The space we completed the work in, was an office/workshop location, roughly 200m2 in size. Due to the end functionality, we reviewed the suitable requirements and presented our findings to the client. The client was looking for a fresh aesthetic and durable system suitable for a workshop and office environment. They wanted the final flooring solution to be easy to maintain whilst being bright, practical and aesthetically pleasing for staff and clients alike. The final product used was the Degafloor Quartz Trowlled with Aggregate solution in a ‘Dolphin Grey’ colour. As the chosen resin flooring contractors for the job, we knew that Degafloor was the perfect resin product to
assist with such a heavy-duty slip-resistant flooring system.

Our installation team are always proud to be part of RESYN and the works they complete as resin flooring contractors. As they clean up as they go along, (other than the immaculate new flooring) there was no evidence of our presence upon completion much to the client’s shock and delight.

In order to use a Degafloor product as a resin flooring contractor, the RESYN team had to undergo specific training and become a certified Degafloor ‘Approved Installer’.

Should you like to know more about the Degafloor products we use, please get in touch with our friendly team, or take a look at our past works.