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Over 1000 commercial kitchen resin flooring projects completed

Successfully completing over 1000 commercial kitchen resin flooring installations, RESYN is defining and leading the way for hardwearing, safe, hygienic kitchen flooring solutions. Completing kitchen refurbishment projects over the last 10 years, RESYN has developed an excellent reputation within the industry and is becoming the contractor of choice by many leading restaurant and pub operators.

Many commercial kitchen operators are now moving away from traditional floor finishes such as vinyl and tiles in favour of a more resilient, hygienic, safe and cost-effective flooring solution, all of which is provided by a commercial kitchen resin flooring.

Vinyl and tiled flooring are often cheaper to install but require continual maintenance due to failing joints and seams. These weak points not only pose a trip hazard but can also create a hygiene risk, allowing bacteria to breed and grow within the crevices. Another imperative factor to consider is that whilst these types of floor offer adequate slip resistance in dry conditions, they can create a significant slip risk when wet and this is often the case in a busy working kitchen.

Although we do offer a range of resin flooring solutions, the quick curing nature of the MMA resins we specialise in offers a distinct advantage for this sector as many operators do not wish to close their premises for longer than is necessary. An MMA resin floor is FULLY cured within just two hours of installation. Working with our clients we can complete installations within incredibly short down periods to reduce the impact and closure times of a client’s premises. In comparison, Epoxy and polyurethane solutions have a much slower curing time and can take between 5 – 7 days to reach a full cure therefore making them unsuitable on fast track refurbishment projects.

Once installed, an MMA resin floor will provide a much more resilient and longer-lasting solution compared to vinyl and tiled flooring. The resins offer a completely seamless finish and therefore require much less maintenance. They have an exceptional chemical bond to many substrates including, concrete, tiles, metal and WBP hardwood surfaces and if installed correctly will not delaminate. Where possible we can overlay these existing finishes to reduce a costly removal process and shorten the installation time.

Through the broadcasting of aggregates, a slip-resistant finish is achieved ensuring that your employees remain safe even under busy production conditions. MMA resins are completely sealed and as a result create an impervious finish, which does not pinhole or pore, leaving nowhere for bacteria to hide which results in improved levels of hygiene. Traditional polyurethane hand finished systems can be susceptible to pin holing and as such hygiene can be compromised.

The company, which has developed a comprehensive service package, including kitchen equipment removal and storage has reinforced our place within the commercial kitchen resin flooring market and offers a one-stop shop for any commercial kitchen operators. With one point of responsibility and the ability to respond efficiently to most circumstances, we can offer a seamless delivery and complete projects within specified timescales.

Within our service package we can offer:

– Kitchen equipment disconnection and reinstatement (Undertaken by qualified engineers and includes temporary storage where required).
– Removal of existing / defective floor finishes.
– Reinstatement of sub floor products, including fast curing underlay screeds and repair mortars and installation of WBP hardwood marine ply.

– Drainage solutions
– Hardwearing, slip resistant resin flooring solutions.
– Cleaning packages, plus ongoing maintenance care and advice.

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