Reducing flooring maintenance costs for Leisure facilities

Reducing flooring maintenance costs with longer lasting, safer floors for Leisure facilities

Many leisure facilities are often faced with high ongoing flooring maintenance costs that they often didn’t expect.

Traditional finishes such as vinyl sheets and tiles can often require frequent repair, resulting in increasing flooring maintenance costs and causing potential hazards. RESYN are resin flooring contractors that specialise in the installation of quick-curing resin solutions, which are becoming increasingly popular within the leisure industry.

Resin flooring systems offer an excellent alternative to more traditional finishes. The MMA resins we specialise in have an excellent bond to concrete, tiles, screed, and Hardwood Marine Ply, amongst others, meaning we can also overlay existing substrates, where applicable. This bond, combined with the seamless nature of resin floors, ensures that the floor remains well bonded and with no joints or seams to fail, the longevity of the floor is increased, whilst flooring maintenance costs are reduced.

With a range of flooring systems on offer, from decorative aesthetics to excellent slip resistance, we can provide a solution that is ideally suited to match your requirements alongside the operating environment.

Where high levels of slip resistance are required, such as swimming pool surrounds and changing rooms, we would recommend and install a quartz-based resin system which offers excellent slip resistance even under wet conditions.

RESYN has been working with hotel and leisure providers for many years to help upgrade and improve flooring finishes. We are frequently advised that time is a significant consideration when deciding to undertake a refurbishment. As a result, we are often required to work around short programming schedules and every job we undertake is meticulously planned.

Specialising in fast-curing resin flooring, combined with flexible programming schedules, RESYN can complete flooring refurbishments with the least amount of disruption that is possible.

To streamline the refurbishment, RESYN can also include the removal of existing substrates, undertake floor repairs and incorporate drainage packages resulting in flooring maintenance costs over the floor lifetime.

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