Car park flooring is often the first point customers see; therefore, creating the right impression with high safety standards is crucial

Create striking and safe car park flooring solutions

Car park flooring is often the first point customers see; therefore, creating the right impression whilst maintaining high safety standards is crucial.

Clearly defined safety and directional marking are fundamental in creating a safe car park flooring environment and ensuring compliance with Health and Safety regulations. RESYN supply and install rapid car park resin flooring solutions which can be adapted to suit your car park-based line-marking requirements. By creating floor visuals for exits, and dedicated zones for vehicles and pedestrians, we can help to safeguard your employees and visitors.

The products we install are fully cured within one hour of installation to enable fast and rapid installations to help minimise disruption to company operating procedures, and as they are cold applied, we do not require any specialist heating equipment. They have an excellent bond to concrete and asphalt surfaces, creating a hardwearing, long-lasting solution.

Other benefits include:

  • Excellent durability, flexibility and resistance in extreme operating conditions.
  • Skid resistant.
  • Exceptional resistance to UV light and weathering.
  • Can be installed in temperatures down to -10°C.

RESYN can offer a range of car park flooring solutions in a range of vivid colours. We can transform car parks to create striking visual aesthetics to demark areas and enhance your customer’s experience.

Our flooring installers are trained experts and Approved Installers in Degafloor’s four car park products. has a range of 4 car park surfacing products manufactured from technically advanced methyl methacrylate (MMA) resin. To read more about this, please go to our dedicated Car Park Surfacing page.

Where potholes are a concern, we can provide a quick curing pothole repair solution before undertaking any coatings.

For further information or to discuss a project, please contact us on 01778 343670 or use our contact us form or take a look at our case studies to see examples or our YouTube channel.