Anti-Static Flooring System for spray booths

Anti-Static Flooring System for spray booths

RESYN has recently completed a resin anti-static flooring system installation within three spray booths, at a facility, in which brand-new vessels, refitted boats and repairs can be repaired, painted, and baked. The manufacturing establishment, which previously had a polished concrete floor, approached RESYN to request an electrostatic floor system to enable them to comply with industry standards.

Following a consultation, RESYN recommended and installed Electroguard E30, a two-pack water-based, static dissipative Polyurethane paint for the anti-static flooring system installation.

The system is designed to protect against static generation and offers excellent chemical resistance. It is easy to maintain and can withstand heavy traffic wear.

The area, which totalled 485m2 was completed over three separate visits, with one booth being completed at a time.

As with any installation, preparation is a fundamental process to ensure the resin flooring system achieves a good bond to the substrate. Each area was prepared using a shot blasting machine and a water-based, epoxy floor primer was applied. Adhesive-backed copper tape was applied to the floor and run up the wall to connect with a grounding point prior to the application of two coats of the Electroguard E30 ensuring the anti-static flooring system installation was compliant with relevant rules and regulations.

The booths were completed in succession to allow the facility to maintain operations and ensuring that two booths were operational at any time.

The installation, undertaken for a long-standing customer of RESYN was completed on time and to the satisfaction of the client.

Contracts Manager on the project Jamie Tyler commented, “We have been completing installations for this customer for many years and when they approached us looking for a static dissipative floor we were pleased to be able to offer a solution. The job was completed to our usual high standards and the client was very satisfied with the works undertaken.

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