hardwearing kitchen flooring by RESYN and resin floors for kitchens

Ultrafast installation of resin floors for kitchens

At RESYN, we understand the need for an ultrafast installation when it comes to fitting new resin floors for kitchens. every minute the kitchen or restaurant is out of action means the kitchen is unavailable and unable to produce anything for its customers and patrons, which means no money.

As experts in installing resin floors for kitchens, we know the work needs to be completed quickly, safely and cleanly so your team can get back to work with minimal disruption. Our expert team will work with you from the get-go meticulously planning and preparing any steps and stages and keeping you fully in the loop so you know what to expect.

Once we’ve installed your resin floors for kitchens, we’ll help provide training and explain how to keep it looking amazing and running perfectly with our aftercare service.

We understand the rigorous demands your kitchen floor will be subjected to. Heavy foot traffic and extreme operating conditions mean that choosing the correct floor type is paramount., from Full Broadcast systems, to Heavy Duty systems, our team can be on hand to explain the benefits and practicalities.

For further information or to discuss a project, please contact us on 01778 343670 or use our contact us form or take a look at our case studies to see examples or our YouTube channel.