Drain for Major Food Processor Complete Resin Flooring Packages For The Food Industry.

The complete flooring packages for the food industry

Industrial resin flooring Drains 2 editInstallation requirements

The existing factory floor was a mixture of MMA and Epoxy resin which was breaking up and not working efficiently flowing to the drains. The client was looking to create adequate falls with an anti slip finish. The floor had to provide outstanding durability to withstand the busy production environments. As a food production facility the installation had to be completed within tight timescales to reduce impact on production.


The project which included the preparation of the existing floor, the installation of underlay screeds, drainage and a resin floor required good project management to ensure that works could be completed efficiently within short time schedules. RESYN’s systematic structure and experience gave the client the confidence that the works could be completed to high standards of both service and workmanship.

The area which totalled over 1500sqm was completed over two different areas in the factory and included a vast amount of preparation work and the installation of fast curing underlay screeds to meet the client’s expectations and provide an environment that matched their
working requirements. Once the drains had been back filled and the falls created the resin finish could be applied. A trowel applied system was laid and scattered with aggregates to provide an anti slip finish.

All installations had to be completed over weekends to avoid disruption to the company’s production processes, therefore all products used were fast curing to ensure that operations could resume the following Monday.

Flooring packages for the food industry

The Company’s Project Manager commented, “RESYN was commissioned to lay 1536 m2 of flooring and new drains within the main packing hall and dispatch areas. This presented major problems as we wanted to continue processing leaving only Saturday evenings and Sundays to carry out the works, after agreeing a work schedule tailor made to suit our processing times the work commenced. RESYN managed the project excellently to ensure that timescales were met and that the plant could continue processing at 05:00am on the Monday, the flooring and drainage has been laid to a good standard.”

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