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Shaws of Huddersfield

Shaws of Huddersfield resin flooring

Shaws of Huddersfield

Huddersfield, Yorkshire

Food and Drink Manufacturing



Installation requirements

Shaws of Huddersfield are producers of high-quality chutneys, relishes, sauces and salsas. They have been manufacturing these products for over 100 years from the same site in Huddersfield. The company have a distinguished reputation based on the excellence of the goods they provide, and this value is mirrored throughout their production facility. The existing polyurethane floor within the factory had been laid on a timber substrate and had started to crack. With concerns of water ingress that could potentially damage the timber, they contacted resin flooring specialists, RESYN for advice.

Whilst polyurethane floors have good compressive strength, they have poor tensile strength which ultimately means they do not manage well with movement. The movement of the timber substrate underneath subsequently caused the polyurethane resin to crack. The floor had also been over coated with an epoxy high build coating but the cracking was mirroring through this finish.


Following the initial inspection, RESYN proposed the installation of a Degafloor system. The Degafloor MMA resins provide a degree of flexibility, enabling them to tolerate a level substrate flex without cracking. To further aid with the effects of the substrate movement, it was suggested that a scrape coat was applied, which incorporated a fiberglass reinforcement membrane. This substantially increases the tensile strength of the system.

All joints and cracks were treated with Degafloor’s 430 flexible jointing compound prior to the installation of the floor finish. The Degafloor FB system that was installed, provides a hardwearing, slip resistant finish, making it ideal for food production facilities.  

The existing cove that had been previously installed in the polyurethane resin remained in a good condition and therefore to avoid unnecessary costs, RESYN recoated this with a pigmented Degafloor seal to rejuvenate the aesthetics.

Due to their busy production schedule, Shaw’s also advised that they required the installation to be completed with minimal disruption and as quickly as possible. With time restrictions in place the Degafloor MMA resins also provided a huge benefit due to their quick curing nature. The systems are fully cured within just two hours of installation. 

The production facility is divided into several different rooms and totaled 250m2. The works were completed over 5 days after which the facility could resume full production.


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