At RESYN Ltd, we place a strong emphasis on our aftercare service to ensure that we maintain and strengthen relationships with our clients.

We continually monitor our service by issuing customer satisfaction surveys at the end of installations where we strongly advise our clients to comment on the service they have received. This provides an opportunity to highlight any areas of improvement so that we can continue to achieve the high standards that our clients expect.

We offer extensive post-installation support from cleaning and care advice to regular inspections and a rapid response repair service. We therefore believe ours is the most comprehensive aftercare service in the industry and we guarantee to respond swiftly and efficiently to any post-installation requirement.

Resin floors are tough, resilient systems, but to maintain the floor’s performance characteristics, an appropriate cleaning regime should be followed.

To help support our clients and their employees we have developed a cleaning package and an easy-to-follow cleaning demonstration. This will aid the maintenance of your floors and provide the longevity you require. To see what cleaning equipment we offer please watch the video below.

Every installation we specify is ‘fit for purpose’. This policy enables us to offer realistic and binding bespoke warranties, calculated in conjunction with our client and product partner.

Using our experience of working within a range of different sectors we can also provide specific tips and advice on how to prolong and maintain your floor.