RESYN-hard wearing flooring. RESYN have an established reputation for providing schools and academies with hard-wearing flooring, decorative and safe flooring solutions.

Decorative, hard wearing resin flooring for schools and academies

Transforming dull rooms and corridors into stimulating surroundings

RESYN is a recognised leader in the supply and installation of hard-wearing flooring and has a well-established reputation for providing schools and academies with tailored, decorative, durable and safe flooring solutions.

Why use RESYN to create your hard-wearing flooring:

There’s many benefits of working with RESYN to help create your hard-wearing flooring, these include:

  • Endless range of colours, designs and patterns
  • Fully functional floors in just two hours to minimise disruption
  • Hard-wearing flooring with aggregates to withstand heavy footfall and provide a non-slip finish
  • An exceptional bond to concrete, steel, tiles and marine ply means we can overlay existing substrates, further minimising disruption and maximising durability
  • A seamless finish that is easy to clean and maintain and minimises the risk of failure
  • Strength and durability provides better lifetime costs
  • Onsite consultations and surveys ensure we identify the right solution for you
  • Flexible working programmes to maximise installation speed and turnaround

We have provided decorative, durable and safe flooring solutions to many schools and educational establishments.

To learn more about the sectors we work in or how we work, please contact us or view our YouTube channel.