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Peterborough Hospital

Slip-resistant, durable flooring installed at Peterborough Hospital

Peterborough City Hospital

Peterborough, North West Anglia

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

Installation requirements

The project was completed within the operational Peterborough City Hospital mortuary and had been unsuccessfully completed by others on three separate occasions within the three years since the site became operational. The various stakeholders involved were extremely pessimistic due to the previous unsuccessful installations and therefore a vast amount of pre-construction consultation and investigative work was required. Each element of this project had to be expertly planned and executed to guarantee a successful installation with minimal disruption.


The project required precise execution and strategic planning due to the challenging environment in relation to both the managing of daily operations and the completion of the project within an agreed timeframe. The existing contaminated floor, substrate and drainage system had to be removed. A new drainage system had to be purposely built due to specific requirements and the substrate and floor had to be suitable to accommodate the needs of the environment whilst withstanding the contamination that can be generated. The Degafloor QTA System was specified as the final floor finish as it provides a slip-resistant and durable finish.

Due to previous failures and the subsequent disruption, a credible time schedule had to be proposed. Failure to complete would have resulted in massive damages and irreversible bad press not only to RESYN but also to the hospital. Overcompensating on time would have caused further disruption to the hospital and derision as follow-on trades were required to undertake a deep clean and reinstate the equipment, all of which required timely precision.

To avoid complications core samples and trials were undertaken prior to commencement. The core samples confirmed the screed was contaminated with bacteria and therefore the risks associated with the removal and licensed disposal of the contaminated waste had to be expertly managed. The installation took place in a live hospital environment therefore ventilation had to be carefully calculated. The hospital required access to the body store fridges at all times throughout the installation therefore the execution of the installation had to be strategically planned and managed. This included the supply of adequate floor protection by the body stores to the positioning of the skips.

On completion of the project, every stakeholder displayed an enormous amount of gratitude towards the team and the efficiency in which the installation was planned and implemented. This once relatively simple project had turned into a complex installation due to a number of significant failures.


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