Resin flooring is not always the cheapest option, so detailed planning, choosing the correct finish and adequate substrate preparation are critical in ensuring a successful installation. Therefore, we dedicate a lot of our time to our pre-installation service.


From initial enquiry we allocate a dedicated member of our sales team who will arrange an onsite consultation. Throughout this consultation we will listen to your requirements, evaluate the sub-floor and the surrounding environment and seek to understand the company’s operating processes. This helps us to make an informed decision on the most suitable product.


We appreciate that ascertaining the extent of preparation cannot always be easily quantified from visually inspecting a surface. Therefore, we offer the option to undertake more investigative works where we can undertake core samples and conduct bond tests to provide you with a more detailed insight into how the installation will be undertaken. For industries with minimal shutdown periods this can be extremely helpful in determining the installation programme.

Our dedicated sales executive will be available to support you and answer any technical queries throughout your decision process.

We also offer a bespoke sample making service for projects that require a tailored finish.

Here are few examples of the resin flooring we can provide & install, notice different colours, pigment styles and finishes.

For further information or to discuss and project, please contact us on 01778 343670.