Arthur Mellows Village College

Back in 2008, Arthur Mellows was looking for extremely durable school flooring suitable for use within their new science, media and IT facilities.

Following the initial installation, AMVC realised the benefits resin school flooring can provide, and as a result, RESYN has since been working with Arthur Mellows to upgrade their floors. Resin flooring is now installed in most areas throughout the college.

Gary Wentworth of Arthur Mellows Village College said “The Degafloor system provides a very durable and attractive floor that enhances the appearance of the College environment.  RESYN has been very responsive, reacting and adhering to tight deadlines.  Floors in key areas have been laid out of normal hours minimising disruption in a busy College.  The high quality, hard-wearing floors are more easily cleaned than other alternatives.”

School flooring systems

The Degafloor Flake System, which was initially installed over approximately 5000sqm, provided an ideal alternative to vinyl sheets and carpets. The seamless resin systems do not exhibit weak spots that can often occur at grouted joints or seams, therefore reducing the overall lifetime maintenance costs whilst providing a more hygienic finish.


The durability of the Flake System is well suited under high levels of foot traffic. The system also offers exceptional flexibility in terms of aesthetics, Arthur Mellows were able to create a range of bespoke finishes exactly suited to their requirements. Within the existing building, the original Granwood floors were overcoated, due to the unique bonding process of the MMA resins, ensuring precious time and money were saved on removing and repairing the floor.

Since the original installation in 2008, the Degafloor Flake system has been installed in the majority of the school including; classrooms, offices, reception areas, corridors, the refectory and the main hall. Using different colour combinations and stainless steel trims for demarcation, it was possible to create unique and innovative school flooring designs.

Slip-Resistant School Flooring

For areas where enhanced slip resistance was required, RESYN installed the Degafloor Full Broadcast System. The full encapsulated system, which is scattered with aggregates, provides exceptional slip resistance even in wet or oily conditions. This resin flooring system which was used for stairways, kitchens and toilets, provides enhanced protection against slips and trips in wet or potentially dangerous areas.

The Degafloor systems, which cure fully within two hours of installation, combined with RESYN’s expertise meant the projects, which ran on short timescales and often in school holiday periods, could be completed efficiently allowing other trades to continue shortly after. It’s why you should choose RESYN to assist with your school flooring requirements.

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