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Essex Safety Glass

Essex Safety Glass

Essex Safety Glass

Witham, Essex

Engineering and Manufacturing

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Over the last decade, Essex Safety Glass (ESG) has grown into one of the largest privately owned glass processors in the UK. The Company’s unrivalled commitment to delivering the highest quality products at market-leading prices has seen the ESG name firmly establish itself as the UK’s leading independent glass processor, toughener and laminator for the professional trade.

When flooring issues arose that could have impacted their production processes the company decided to take immediate action and contacted RESYN.


The client’s main issues were with the existing screeded substrate, which was failing and had become pitted. Once processed, the large sheets of glass are carried throughout the factory on trollies and the pitting within the floor meant the transportation of these sheets became unstable. The floor had become a hazard and hindered the production process within the factory.

Following a comprehensive consultation and site survey, RESYN recommended and installed The AltroFlow PUM system, following the necessary repairs to the existing screed. The system, which was laid at 4mm thick, provided the ideal solution for this manufacturing area. The flow-applied system created a smooth, uniform finish that would allow the trollies to be steadily transported without any risk.

Polyurethane screeds are well known for their durability within industrial applications. The longevity of the product combined with a seamless finish surpasses other products available, including vinyl and tiles. As with any manufacturing environment ease of maintenance and cleaning is paramount.

The AltroFlow PUM system is extremely easy to clean and was seen as a substantial advantage to the client in such a busy, high-level production facility. The ease of maintenance was made a clear priority by the client from the onset. The installation was completed in just 2 days and was physically cured for foot traffic within just 24 hours allowing the production facility to return to work.

Lee Sopowski of ESG comments “RESYN offer quality workmanship, long-lasting, well organised, flexible working hours to suit us, quick curing time would recommend them to anyone. It floored me how great it was.”


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