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Wet floors can be dangerous & costly

Most flooring suppliers can supply a slip test rating on their floors however these results are often just tested in dry conditions.

All floors should provide good slip resistance in dry conditions and therefore it is easy for suppliers to provide acceptable results.

What most people don’t take into account when deciding what floor to have are the slip test results under production conditions. Whilst the floor may be perfectly adequate in dry conditions these can differ dramatically when wet.

We have filmed a short video to demonstrate the impact that water can have on a smooth floor which can ultimately affect its suitability.

Avoid dangerous and costly slips by asking a few simple questions:

  1. Can the flooring supplier provide you with independent slip test data?
  2. Have these results been tested in both wet and dry conditions?
  3. Can the flooring supplier provide adequate slip test data to guarantee the safety of your customers/employees under production conditions?

For further information or to arrange a slip test at your facility, contact us on 01778 343670.