St John’s C of E School

St John’s C of E Primary School in Orton Goldhay, Peterborough were looking for an easy-to-maintain, hardwearing resin flooring in their art room. The school also wanted the flooring to have an artistic finish to help create a stimulating learning environment for the children.

Hardwearing Resin Flooring for Primary School:


The Degafloor Flake system, a decorative and hardwearing resin flooring was decided on. The Flake System provides a durable and easy-to-clean finish, but also the flexibility to create a unique and bespoke design for the creative environment that’s unique to Degafloor products.

Unique resin flooring design

The flooring design included six stars, decreasing in size. Each star was moulded from stainless steel trim and strategically placed to create a sweeping effect. Each star represented a different colour from the school logo and complemented the surrounding décor.

RESYN completed the work in four days, working alongside the main contractors, with minimal disruption. The end result: a creative, hardwearing resin flooring finish that reflects the modern and stylish extension.

Colette Firth, Headteacher said, “Our new flooring is very much a success – the kids absolutely love it!  We are always receiving great comments about the room, people describe it as very inspirational”.

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